Open Team Chat

Instant communication with your external collaborators

Nayego is an open and innovative Team Chat, or

Instant Collaboration and Communication solution

for the extended teams, organisations, communities,

both internal and external collaborators

New app, next generation team chat, for your future

You don't have to choose between communication and productivity

Nayego offers the best balance

Nayego smoothens both

Stressed with Slack?

Slack and MS Teams are too closed, you are trapped in a silo, you just talk to people internal to your organisation.

Your internal teams do not live in autarky, they live in a larger ecosystem, with external collaborators.

Just chat with your partners, customers and providers like you do with email: no frontier, no closed doors, no walls. chats with who chats with liam@BusinessC, and they can all meeting in a chatroom

Nayego is the team chat for the next generation:

- open, structured, intelligent

- free, libre, opensource

- federated, distributed, decentralised, interoperable

Move quicker

Thanks to its innovations, Nayego offers you the capacity to fluidify all the collaborative and communication with your teams. This works whether they are internal or external, like partners, customers, providers, freelances...

Grow faster

Reach out a larger ecosystem by opening up to external entities for easier process. Achieve your goals faster by extending your collaboration.

Take back control

Trust your information system for better collaborators engagement. Flexibility for higher control, transparency for higher visibility.

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Flexible pricing

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Nayego is innovative: open, structured, intelligent

Nayego is open source and supports open standards

Nayego is federated, distributed, decentralised, interoperable, encrypted

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