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Think Team Chat for the next decade

Nayego, chat for teams




Open the collaboration and communication within your internal teams and external customers, partners, providers, consultants, freelances, investors...

Transversal collaboration within your organisation

Extended collaboration with external teams

Nayego is a team chat: Open. Structured. Intelligent.

Extended organisation, privacy, data sovereignty, encryption, open source, open standards.

The team chat market is overcrowded by blind copiers

Nayego is different

Nayego innovates by solving validated pain points

Open the silos!

In small or large and complex organisations, the team is the unbreakable cell of value delivery.


But most of these teams work in silos, or walled gardens, or golden prisons! Teams fail at larger inter-units communication. Team do not liv e in a autarky, they live in a larger ecosystem.


With Nayego, you can open up your teams to transversal collaboration within the organisation. You can open up your organisation to your external partners, customers and providers, in a controlled manner.

Structure the chaos!

Chat was born decades ago, evolved in many generations, bring new exciting features.

But the same problems persist on. Group chats are chaotic and too flat. Conversations happen in parallel, and end up being completely mixed. Information goes too fast and gets lost.


With Nayego, you can put at last some structure and order in conversations. You can learn and adapt. You can facilitate the continuous re-organisation of your teams and the global delivery streams.

Focus on work!

Regular team chats sell productivity to you. Common team chats promise you to replace email.

They are greatly mistaking. Channels send loads of notifications, interrupting teams and individuals all along the day of work. Collaborators can't actually focus on value production.

With Nayego, you can drastically reduce the amount of interruptions, by continuously fine tuning in opt-in mode. You can really focus on productive tunnels with the focus mode. You can catch up with what really matters, one conversation at a time, whatever its age.

The power of openness

The Web (Javascript, HTML, CSS) is the generic platform of choice. Perfectly fit for instant messaging apps. Nayego is a web app. Nayego will run desktop and mobile soon.

XMPP defaults to federation, decentralisation, distribution, interoperation.

Nayego is durable and sustainable.

Team chat apps use incompatible technologies

Nayego relies on powerful, peer-reviewed open standards

Nayego plays fair with a mature open source ecosystem

Web, desktop, mobile

Collaborators change their context: walking, moving in transportation, or sitting in a sofa or in an office in front of a desk.

With a downsized smartphone or with a comfortable laptop, there is a need to push and pull info.

Nayego runs in a browser from anywhere, both on desktop and mobile like any web app, thus collaborators can chose their preferred devices given the context they are in.

Nayego will soon be available as a desktop app (Linux, macOS, Windows) and mobile app (iOS, Android).

Open Source

The internet runs almost entirely on open source software!

Too bad these team chat players is mostly proprietary, what a waste! Too bad for them, too bad for their customers.

The power of community and collective intelligence is the engine of Nayego! Software freedom and sharing is key to high quality code, security, privacy, durability, and sustainability.

Open Standards

So many team chats are available everywhere, competing with each other.

They all re-invent the wheel, stay isolated, think exclusive property. They are only copying each other, playing catch up.

Nayego heavily relies on open standards, promotes re-use, peer-review, and reduces of waste at large scale. Innovations are brought back upstream in the protocol, and backend and frontend software.

Keep calm, chat freely and privately

Security through point-to-point and end-to-end encryption, using industry standards, for data sovereignty.

Nayego is secure and private

Team chat apps are mostly sending and storing messages in the clear

Nayego uses modern encryption

Nayego promote good practices


Communication needs to happen in a secure manner.

But team chats offer low to no encryption at all. Attackers can easily observe what you say and do.

Nayego uses TLS, for client-to-server (C2S) and server-to-server (S2S). Nayego uses OMEMO for end-to-end encryption. It is the adaption to XMPP of the Double Ratchet Algorithm, providing multi-end to multi-end encryption.

Data sovereignty

Team chats are hosted elsewhere, controlled by... who knows?

You risk some major strategic data leaks at any given point in time.

Nayego is hosted in France (Europe), is GDPR-native, and offers data reversibility.


Team chats are massively centralised on opaque infrastructure.

Several hours of downtime per months are reported, hitting users severely.

Nayego SaaS is clustered and distributed, providing high-availability and fault-tolerance. Nayego belong to a greater open network made of thousands of servers and hundreds of millions of users, for the last 20 years. One provider cannot bring down the whole network, like email.

Early Access Progam

Benefit from our Early Access Program

Up until end of December 2018.

Nayego is available now!

The window is open now

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Participate and get privileges


Teams are available as SaaS, Software as a Service. Usually it is self-service.

This means you have low to no support.

Nayego works closely together with you. We provide demos, workshops, ideation sessions, early features designs, collective intelligence. But this will not last long.

Special pricing

Lifetime guarantee on reduced prices.

Offer is extended until end of March 2019, so hurry up!

Once our offering get out of Early Access Program, you get it all, vanilla, same price, forever.


Special lower prices with lifetime guarantee, we need your engagement in return.

This means the product will be tailored for your needs, will solve your pain points.

Nayego is innovative: open, structured, intelligent

Nayego is open source and supports open standards

Nayego is federated, distributed, decentralised, interoperable, encrypted

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