Deliver faster and smoother

Instant info exchange between people and information systems

Nayego is an Instant Collaboration solution

for extended teams.

Next generation team chat: open, structured, intelligent

All the team chats do the same thing

Nayego is different

Nayego innovates by solving true pain points

Open the silos!

In complex organisations, the team is the unbreakable cell of value delivery.


But most of these teams work in silos, or walled gardens,  golden prisons! Teams fail at larger inter-units communication. But teams do not live in an autarky, they live in a larger ecosystem.


With Nayego, you can open up your teams to transversal collaboration within the organisation. You can open up your organisation to your external partners, customers and providers, in a controlled manner.

Structure the chaos!

Chat was born decades ago, and has evolved in many generations, thus brings new exciting features.

But the same problems persist on. Group chats are chaotic and too flat. Conversations happen in parallel, and end up being completely mixed. Information goes too fast and gets lost.


With Nayego, you can put at last some structure and order in conversations. You can learn and adapt. You can facilitate the continuous re-organisation of your teams and the global delivery streams.

Focus on work!

Regular team chats sell better communication to you. Common team chats promise you to replace email.

They are greatly mistaking. Channels send loads of notifications, interrupting teams and individuals all along the day of work. Collaborators can't actually focus on value production.

With Nayego, you can drastically reduce the amount of interruptions, by continuously fine tuning and controlling your notifications, in opt-in mode. You can really focus on productive tunnels with the focus mode. You can catch up with what really matters, one conversation at a time, whatever its age.

Nayego is innovative: open, structured, intelligent

Nayego is open source and supports open standards

Nayego is federated, distributed, decentralised, interoperable, encrypted

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