Faster communication with partners

Instant collaboration with external teams

Nayego enables fast and productive collaboration with team members and collaborators, whether they are in your organisation or outside.

We help you communicate smoothly with your customers, partners, providers. Accelerating your business.

Regular team chats simply don't allow you to reach out of your team

Nayego is not a prison!

Nayego extends your organisation

Chat with partners

Work right now, for free, with your partners, providers and customers.

Shared channels in other team chats are limit and expensive.

Get more productive with your closest allies.

Discussion trees

Discussions are trees data structures. A message replies to another, and has multiple replies.

Point a message, show its replies and show what message it replies to.

In one eye shot, you understand who talks and responds to what.

Structure your chats!

This is an innovation by Nayego.

Free or standard

We host you team freely!

Your server: <yourcompany>

Your addresses: <username>@<yourcompany>

Go Pro!

Your server: <yourcompany>.com

Your addresses: <username>@<yourcompany>.com

Your business card does not even need an upgrade:

your email address is your chat address now.


Slack is a proprietary prison, only available as a SaaS under the CLOUD act.

Microsoft Teams is tied to Office365 and a proprietary blob tied to their ecosystem.

Mattermost is only a replica of Slack, and is opencore.

RocketChat is another follower with a substandard UX.

Nayego is free/opensource, uses open standard protocol which makes you free to change. You choose the hosting (you host or we host for you). Nayego provides privacy and data sovereignty with GDPR tools and encrypted communications.

Nayego is innovative: open, structured, intelligent

Nayego is open source and supports open standards

Nayego is federated, distributed, decentralised, interoperable, encrypted

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