Openness for a larger world

Expand your teams to external collaboration

The Web is the generic platform of choice. Perfectly fit for instant messaging apps.

Nayego is sustainable.

Team chat apps use incompatible technologies

Nayego relies on powerful, peer-reviewed, widely-deployed open standards

Nayego plays fair with a mature open source ecosystem

Open Web Platform

Collaborators change their context: walking, commuting in transportation, or sitting in a sofa or in an office in front of a desk.

With a downsized smartphone or with a large comfortable computer, there is a need to push and pull info.

Nayego runs in a browser from anywhere, both on desktop and mobile like any web app, thus collaborators can chose their preferred devices given the context they are in.

Open Source

The internet runs almost entirely on open source software!

Most team chat players are proprietary and incompatible, what a waste! Too bad for them, too bad for their customers.

The power of community and collective intelligence is the engine of Nayego! Software freedom and sharing is key to high quality code, security, privacy, durability, and sustainability.

Open Standards

So many team chats are available everywhere, competing with each other, disconnected from one another.

They all re-invent the wheel, stay isolated, think exclusive property, and vendor lock-in. They are only copying each other, playing catch up.

Nayego heavily relies on open standards, promotes re-use, peer-review, and reduces the IT waste at large scale. Innovations are brought back upstream in the open standard protocol, and eventually backend and frontend software.

Nayego is innovative: open, structured, intelligent

Nayego is open source and supports open standards

Nayego is federated, distributed, decentralised, interoperable, encrypted

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