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1. Choose your hosting

We host

SaaS, Software as a Service

We host and manage Nayego for you in our French datacenters

You host

Managed on-premise, self-hosted

We manage Nayego operations for you on your infrastructure

2. Choose your plan




Starting at:

4€ per user per month


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Unlimited messages

Unlimited messages

Unlimited messages

Unlimited channels

Unlimited channels

Unlimited channels

Shared public domain name

Your domain name

Your domain name

Community support

Professional support

Professional support

Community experience

Productivity features

Productivity features

Community services

Standard services

Custom services

3. Choose your volume

Prices decrease with longer term plans and number of users

1. Choose your hosting *

We host - Nayego SaaS

You host - On-premise, self-hosting, your datacenters

2. Choose your plan *




3. Choose your volume *

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1 year

3 years

Any need or constraint

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Nayego is innovative: open, structured, intelligent

Nayego is open source and supports open standards

Nayego is federated, distributed, decentralised, interoperable, encrypted

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